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Welcome to Bit of Earth Pottery.  I am Donna Volkmann, owner and operator and self taught ceramic artist who has worked tirelessly to hone my skills to bring you something special for your home and garden.  Ever since I was little girl I have been in love with the earth.  Being outside and being around nature is all I ever really wanted to do.  I believe we all share a true connection to this great planet in which we live and being able to draw resources from it is one of our greatest gifts.  I love being able to make useful beautiful pieces of pottery because it allows me to use a little "Bit of Earth" to do so.  My affection for our planet and the creatures in it is what makes me love pottery so much. 

As luck would have it we were fortunate enough to be able to live in the country. When we moved to our little hobby farm which is just shy of 3 acres we quickly named it our "Bit of Earth Farm."  It was just what we needed to be able to have a little slice of our world to do with as we wish.  Soon after moving here animals followed, geese, ducks, chickens, goats and a pony.  They were all special and have enriched our lives in their own little way.  We did have a very unique and special friendship we built with a little goose named Rex.  He was so tame and loved us so much, he turned into the best guard goose we would ever experience. He was so special that I could think of no other animal to have for our pottery business logo than him.  He was sure a special part of our Bit of Earth.  I also chose the name for our farm and pottery business from my love of the novel "A Secret Garden" with all the money and big house a little girl could ever want she experienced true healing by asking for just "A Bit of Earth" and that sounds good to me!

Remi, Rico & Rori


Door County 2021





Rio & Blu


Queenie & Fancy

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